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The characteristics, principle and application of laser cutting technology
Publisher:Horizon Laser Views:762次Adddate:2020-04-08

1. Features: fast speed, smooth and flat incision, generally no need for subsequent processing; Small heat-affected area, small plate deformation, narrow slit (0.1mm~0.3mm); The incision has no mechanical stress and no shear burr. High precision, good repeatability, no damage to the material surface; Numerical control programming, can process arbitrary plane, can cut the whole board with a large width, no need to open a mold, economy and time. Laser can cut a lot of materials, including plexiglass, wood, plastic and other non-metallic plate, as well as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate and other metal materials. Pulsed laser is suitable for metallic materials, and continuous laser is suitable for nonmetallic materials, which is an important application field of laser cutting technology.

2, principle: laser cutting is the use of high power density laser beam scan over the surface of the material, in a very short time to heat the material to thousands to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, make the material melt or gasify, and then use high pressure gas to melt or gasify the material from the slit blown away, to achieve the purpose of cutting the material.

3, application: Germany Bavarian Asia research and development of laser technology center (BLZ) is the material of aluminum foam sandwich (AFS) of laser cutting technology, AFS is a kind of excellent auto lightweight composite material, its core is aluminum metallic foams, the outer layer is two very thin coating thin plate (a), light weight, good rigidity, and high strength, can be arbitrary shape. AFS shall be laser-cut (machined) in both foam-forming and non-foam-forming states.

A typical example of robot-assisted laser cutting through plastic is the lining of the c-column of Volkswagen's golf IV sedan. Using a carbon dioxide laser and mounted directly on the robot's arm, the robot cuts the 3D-- the outer contour of the plasma-lined parts, the vents and the belt-mounted holes. The laser beam cutting technology applied by the public is not only fast, but also uniform in cutting surface quality.