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The characteristics and technology of laser cutting technology
Publisher:Horizon Laser Views:789次Adddate:2020-04-08

Users who have used laser cutting technology know that laser cutting and processing technology is a laser beam in the accessories of the surface of the continuous movement to achieve, and this kind of work laser beam is a good guide, is also a good correlation, the cutting ability of the density is good, is also very large.

I. features of laser cutting:

1. The cutting quality is high quality and fine

The laser beam used by this laser equipment during cutting can be focused into very small points of light, which can enable the laser cutting machine to achieve very high power. Therefore, its cutting speed is very fast, the precision is very high, also can ensure that the workpiece will not appear deformation.

2. Strong applicability and sensitivity

This is a thermal cutting technology as the cutting process, in the cutting of the affected area is very small, there is no large-scale impact. Another advantage is that it can be processed on some nonmetals, of course, which other laser cutting equipment can not do.

3. It has high energy, can freely control the change of its density, and can also carry out local operation

This laser beam has very good control performance, we can freely control the operation path of this laser cutting machine, for any kind of hard material can be cut accordingly. For those small parts, we can also do a perfect local cut.

Ii. Laser cutting technology includes the following:

A. Fusion cutting is to make the light speed of the incident laser shine on the plate, and when the laser power reaches A certain critical value, the local area will melt and achieve the effect of cutting.

B. Vaporization cutting USES laser beam with high power density to heat the processing materials, so as to avoid the slag-hanging burr formed by the melting caused by heat conduction, and some materials vaporize into steam and disappear, with beautiful edges.

C. Oxidation cutting is the process of blowing out oxygen from the nozzle and igniting it with the laser. For brittle materials which are easy to be destroyed by heat, high-speed and controllable cutting is carried out by laser beam heating, which causes a large thermal gradient and serious mechanical deformation in the region, leading to the formation of cracks in the material, which is also known as controlled fracture cutting.