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Cause and analysis of precision and size error of laser cutting machine
Publisher:Horizon Laser Views:880次Adddate:2020-04-08

The cutting precision is an important part to measure the quality of laser cutting machine, but the laser cutting precision is not entirely dependent on the equipment itself, but is composed of many factors, mainly the following factors:

1. The size of the spot after the laser beam is focused

The smaller the spot after laser beam aggregation, the higher the cutting precision, especially the smaller the slit, the smallest spot up to 0.01mm.

2, the position of the table determines the accuracy of the repeated cutting

The higher the table precision, the higher the precision of cutting.

3, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, the larger the slit.

Since the laser beam is tapered and the slit is also tapered, the 0.3mm stainless steel is much smaller than the 2MM slit.

4. The workpiece material has certain influence on the laser cutting precision.

In the same case, stainless steel is more accurate than aluminum, the cut surface is smoother.

The error of machining size is a common fault in the process of using laser cutting machine, which not only affects the production efficiency, but also increases the production cost. The reasons for the machining size error are as follows:

1. Abnormal signal line. The signal line needs to be replaced.

2. Equipment and computer are not grounded properly. Good grounding of equipment and computer is required.

The computer is not working properly. The computer needs to be repaired or replaced.

The computer's operating system malfunctions or is infected with a virus. Need to reinstall the operating system or virus detection.

5. Abnormal application software. Reinstall the software and the driver for the motion control card.

6. The power supply is unstable or caused by interference signals. At this time, it is necessary to install voltage stabilizer or eliminate interference signal.

7. The machining program is not written correctly. At this point you need to check and repair the tooling.

8. Incorrect setting of machining parameters. To reset the correct machining parameters.