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What is the difference between metal laser cutting machine and PCB laser cutting machine?
Publisher:Horizon Laser Views:894次Adddate:2020-04-08

Firstly, the two devices use different laser light sources. The PCB laser cutting machine usually USES ultraviolet laser or green laser. The metal laser cutting machine usually USES fiber laser or CO2 laser; There is a big difference in the working nature of the two devices, and there is also a big difference in the power used. The power used by the PCB laser cutting machine generally does not exceed 30W(ultraviolet laser), while the metal laser cutting machine can reach more than 10KW according to the thickness of the material (fiber laser).

The other part needs to be distinguished is that in the PCB industry, there is a part of aluminum substrate or ceramic substrate using pulse fiber laser; And some manufacturers will also use low power CO2 laser to process PCB circuit board, usually 100W below the laser. Secondly, the PCB laser cutting machine adopts ultraviolet laser, which is compatible with cutting ultra-thin metal materials below 0.2mm. However, high-power optical fiber or CO2 cannot cut ultra-thin metal materials, which is prone to burr, blackening and deformation.

Second, the difference in the nature of cutting. PCB laser cutting machine adopts the mode of vibroscope scanning, which can be scanned back and forth for many times and cut layer by layer. The metal laser cutting machine is a collimation focusing system equipped with coaxial auxiliary gas, a one-time cut through the material.

Third, structural differences. Metal laser cutting machine usually adopts large gantry type machine tool, using servo motor; PCB laser cutting machine adopts marble stable platform, linear motor, and CCD camera vision as standard. The relative position cutting precision, cutting size precision and positioning precision are superior to the metal laser cutting machine. They are different types of products.