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Does the metal material affect the efficiency of laser cutting machine?
Publisher:Horizon Laser Views:695次Adddate:2020-04-08

With laser cutting machine in China major industry's universal application, some spare parts processing factory in use did profit, but also some people will not naturally then puts forward the problems for for laser cutting machine manufacturers, they are not afraid to face any problem, there is a problem on the solution, rather than to escape, some people put forward the material whether have effect on the application of laser cutting machine, similar to this problem, now already is a common, let's talk about what metal raw materials have an impact on whether the working efficiency of the laser cutting machine.

In theory, the laser cutting machine is designed to facilitate people's processing of hard sheet metal, so no matter what metal raw materials in its eyes are no matter.

But that's just the theory, and to figure that out we have to start with how the laser cutter works. , of course, this is not a human, can be controlled, the thickness of each metal texture is different, they are also different degree of heat resistance, high temperature resistant, working in the laser cutting machine, often because of strong heat generated by the laser, each a different kind of metal in this case, of course, can make a difference in the response of the big or small, the specific circumstances of different strength, different Angle of the cutting.

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This, of course, or have some deviation, so we can't go to weigh the kind of metal to influence it and what kind of influence is small, because too many uncontrollable factors, a short time, it is impossible for us to know, what we can do is artificially adjust as far as possible to reduce the error, due to the laser cutting machine is a kind of machinery and equipment, so we can't control its limit, only simple, corresponding adjustments. Deviation is inevitable.

It can be seen that different metal raw materials will have a large or small, or more or less impact on the laser cutting, but will not affect its work, deviation is a normal phenomenon, cutting materials are also divided into grades, some expensive, some cheap, a penny a product. Our function is to minimize the deviation through artificial adjustment, but the deviation is unavoidable.